Learn GIS in 10 minutes

This fact sheet can be used as ten minute GIS tutorial. It explains the key terms and concepts of Geographical Information Systems in a quick and easy way. Read this and gain sufficient understanding of GIS to call any bluffs or ask important questions. This GIS tutorial  is useful for managers, professionals and educators alike.

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Business Process Modeling in Ten Minutes

This factsheet, ot tutorial if you like, provides a quick intro to key business process modeling concepts including:

System Requirements Specification (SRS) Template

The first activity of a system development project is to determine the system requirements and document them in a way which makes it easy for a software architect to  translate them into a technical software architecture which may be implemented and deployed.

INSPIRE Networking Service Architecture

This graphic shows the layers and components of the INSPIRE networking service architecture as defined by the technical annexes of the European Union INSPIRE directive for geographical information.

INSPIRE Networking Service Architecture
INSPIRE Networking Service Architecture

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